Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BSNL broadband ULF 900 plan - Problems with it

Hi all,

I had migrated to ULF 900 BSNL broadband plan from ULF 750 unlimited pla. Thie 900 plan has this offer of 4Mbps till 8GB and then the speed reduces to 256 Kbps. I thought of trying this plan and seeing how good the speed is and how well this will work out for me. I migrated to this plan and then my problems started.

I was never getting more than 1Mbps speed which turned out to be a pain in the ***. Whenever I tried contacting and explaining this issue to the customer care they ask me to conduct some tests and see. The irritating thing is the speed test conducted from the BSNL portal itself (dataone.in) says that I am getting 3.3 Mbps speed but when tested on an external website I cant get even 1Mbps. The problem is with some nib connection in the BSNL server as the internal network speed is fine but once it enters the outside world my problem starts.

The customer care was able to understand the issue. But when the complaint gets forwarded to the exchange for addressal, they call up and visit the house. They then start complaining that the problem is with my PC and not the internet. I had more than 4 GB free in the C drive (windows drive) but still they wanted me to free it up. What a bugger he was. Anyways, I lost my cool, I tried contacting the top officials, and finally met this person (SDE) in BSNL who helped me. He tried to get some information and then the SDE said that there exists some issue with this plan (ULF 900 Combo) in BSNL server. He then asked me to migrate to some other plan till the issue gets resolved.

This is to inform all to be careful before migrating to this plan and make sure that you get the promised speed through this plan. I will update this blog once the issue is resolved.

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